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Interest in metal roofing in Florida is at an all time high. The hurricanes that came to Florida in 2004, left metal roofs standing while shingle and tile roofs were destroyed. Many metal roofs have been tested with winds speeds of over 200 mph. The next wave of storms that come to Florida will make metal roofs more of a necessity than a luxury. Beat the rush, get your metal roof for your Florida home before the storm.

Your roof protects: Your house, Your stuff and most important You and your family.

Choose from standing seam, 5-V crimp, stone coated metal, metal shingles, copper, and metal tile panels. These are just a few of the different types of metal roofs you can choose from. I have been to all the hardest hit areas in the state from the 2004 hurricane season. Shingles don't stay on, tile turns into 5 pound UFO's , nothing stays on better than metal, period.

We can put a metal roof on your house in about 2-3 weeks. This is faster than some companies can put on a shingle roof. Metal roofs have superior wind resistance and stunning visual impact. Couple this with our radient barrier insulation and you have a house covering that is the ultimate in home coverings.

Most of the roofs still intact on hurricane costal impact areas are metal roofs.

Our metal installer crews are experienced in metal installation to give you the finished product that you expect.

Metal is availabe in a wide varity of styles and colors and will make a stunning visual impact to your home as well.

Now is the time to upgrade, use the insurance proceeds of your shingle roof towards the new metal roof you really want. Savings on your energy bills will contribute to your enjoyment of your new metal roof.

Here are some of the styles and colors we carry...

Metal Roof styles Decra metal

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